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A detective has been murdered. Using the few clues that you have, you must follow the trail of the suspect through the now destroyed world. But, as the game advances, the case starts to turn weird, the clues seem to don’t make sense anymore. So, can you solve it?


 The story takes place in the winter of 2054, on the Earth. The world has just over 250.000 inhabitants, and the wealthiest people live in the colonies from the Moon, Mars and Europe, one of Jupiter's moons.

 After decades and decades of pollution and destruction of the Earth, most of the people died from cancer and problems in the lungs caused by the polluted air and the high radiation levels.


  My name is Guillermo, I'm from Argentina and I'm a 19 years old boy. I have been playing video games since I can remember. 

 On February of 2017 I started working on Future Noir after a lot of failed projects, and after more than three years I'm finally finishing for the first time on my life a video game!

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